A. Russkikh, A. Shabokha, N. Gorbunov, A. Zalewskiy, P. Shnyakin, I. Kan, E. Bunchuk, N. Clack


Conducted anthropometric and somatometric studies corpses of men of the second period of mature and old-age, organometric parameters of liver and blood vessels of porto-caval system, correlation and regression analysis. Revealed that with help of linear regression equations, knowing the value of one of the anthropometric parameters, we can with sufficient accuracy to determine the value of any of the organometric parameters of liver and blood vessels of the porto-caval system in males of second period of mature and old-age, and vice versa. You can use linear regression equation for determining the values of these characteristics, the direct measurement of which innormal circumstances it is impossible or difficult, for example, in forensic practice in the examination of body parts of dismembered corpses of men.


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forensic examination; the porto-caval system; correlation and regression analysis

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