T. Agarkova, K. Kublinskiy, I. Evtushenko, I. Naslednikova, V. Tkachev, V. Novitskiy, M. Skorohodova


The clinical and molecular-genetic examinations and therapy of 150 patients, suffering from infertility, with genital endometriosis were carried out by the medical team. The complex treatment included surgical laparoscopic method and hormonal agents (agonists of gonadrophin-releasing-hormones, combined oral contraceptives.) The low effectiveness of the infertility therapy, associated with endometriosis, relates to the carriage of risky genotypes: AA and GA polymorphism G-308A of TNFA gene.


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infertility; genital endometriosis; therapy; tumor-alpha necrosis factor; transforming growth-beta factor; polymorphism of cytokine genes

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