Cloud Computing Application on Transport Dispatching Informational Support Systems

Dmitry Olegovich Gusenitsa, Peter Franzevich Yurchik, Andrey Vladimirovich Ostroukh


Transport dispatching informational support systems has received widespread attention due to high quality information density, strong coherence and applicable visualization features. Nevertheless, because of large volume of data, complex integration requirements and the need for information exchange between different users, time costs of the development and implementation of the informational support systems, problems associated with various data formats compatibility, security protocols and high maintenance cost, the opportunities for the application of such systems are significantly reduced. This article reviews the possibility of creating a cloud storage data system for transport dispatching informational support system (TDIS) using modern computer technology to meet the challenges of mass data processing, information security and reduce operational costs. The system is expected to make full use of the advantages offered by the technology of cloud storage. Integrated cloud will increase the amount of data available to the system, reduce the speed processing requirements and reduce the overall cost of system implementation. Creation and integration of cloud storage is one of the most important areas of TDIS development, which is stimulating and promoting the further development of TDIS to ensure the requirements of its users.

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transport dispatching informational support systems (TDIS); mass data processing; information security; life cycle

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