Nataliy Smakovskaya


The author summarizes the experience of exploring the potential of art as a necessary condition for the creation of a special educational Technical University. The notion of art as a phenomenon of the potential for integrating the results of perceptual and intellectual, reproductive and creative process of the subject. The author focuses at the study of the dynamics of artistic perception of students in specially organized educational environment, which integrates the workshop, as well as a complex art technology. Under art technology author understands these humanitarian technologies, which create favorable conditions for realization of creative potential of all subjects of the educational process, their professional – personal development through art. In the article presents the diagnostic performance characteristics of artistic perception: the integrity of the artistic image in judgment; the emotional nature of the assessment; the presence of certain theoretical knowledge and skills of operating them; originality and novelty of the judgment; especially personal expression (improvisation), described the levels of the professional and personal changes in EG and CG.

It tested a pilot program of diagnosis and development of art perception in students of a technical college, and revealed its multifunctional potential – as a tool for mainstreaming subjective creativity in a special space – art communications.

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artistic perception; artistic communication; artistic reflection; imaginative empathy; artistic anticipation subjective your creativity; humanitarian art technology; professional and personal changes

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