Safarbi Mukhamedovich Pshikhachev, Vyacheslav Alexandrovich Balashenko, Yekaterina Alexandrovna Kalinichenko


The main aim of research could be methods of direct and indirect development in the Agri-Industrial Complex with factor of uncertainty. Most of main aim that is regulated to all Governments is the optimization of production volume. All nationals would like to develop the expansion of complex agrarian policy through international trade. Russia is a fifth world importer of agricultural products after Europe Union, China, the USA and Japan with total import should be going 40,4 bln. dollars. The main aims such policy will have to be the income stabilization for farmers and real growth of economy and good pricing for all counteragents of the market. The state agrarian policy is based on the internal and external standards including international. Domestic standards could be economic including a quality of physical and human capitals, role of state in the technology development and international exchange reserve, tax resource and social and politics. Specially for Russia is more actually it’s being research of the US Extension development, investing and hector payments realizing which are indirect methods in the agriculture. They are so many. These mechanisms are modern state policy in the Agro-Food system and that is the guaranty of Food Safety.

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state policy regulation; agribusiness; contracting; scenarios; industrialization; farm bill; agriholdingization

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