Dmitriy Victorovich Stroganov, Boris Vladislavovich Sakun, Maksim Igorevich Yartsev


Nowadays the culture of controlling and estimating quality becoming more and more important. Estimating – is a process of gathering and processing information, which provides to members of education process opportunity to make decisions, which could help to improve quality of work. Database of estimating is bunch of governmental standards, control and estimating of efficiency systems are tests. Last 10-15 years the usage of tests is growing all over the world, that is why many companies and governmental structures appeared, which are creating new tests, promoting them, organizing mass testing and all-time mining the information, to understand the quality of education. Western countries are way far from our quality of testing of new scientific personnel, by the level of testing methods development, by the technical support of development processes, the use, handling and storage for tests. Last year’s our scientists see the positive trends in this field. Strategy and tactics of controlling systems improvement. Education testing zooming and governmental standards developing are generating new problems, prerequisites and requirements, which are aimed on controlling systems perfection and trainees’ preparation quality estimating, the process itself estimating and its efficiency by immediate response on the environment.

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controlling systems; IRT theory; staff skills; test’s task; markov’s chain; stationary probabilities; complexity level; wrong classifications; adaptive process

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